Key Considerations Prior to Installing a Solid Surface Countertop

Since the 1970s Corian countertops have become a mainstay, especially in kitchens. These solid surface worktops are a cost-effective alternative to marble and other options. When choosing any countertop, there are ways key items to consider.

Why Choose a Solid Surface Countertop?

No matter what countertop you choose, there are always technical aspects that are best left to a professional installer. If you aren’t sure which is right for your needs, solid surface options are durable, easy to clean and are more resistant to scratching. Although there are lower-cost surfaces available, Corian countertops, as well as Staron and Tempest, are leaders in the market. They now offer countertops in 100s of colors, making it easier to get the perfect look desired. These types of surfaces are easy to maintain and repair. A chopping board area can also be incorporated, further helping your countertop last longer.

Information to Consider Before Getting a Quote

Before diving into any project, it’s important to have a design plan and a clear understanding of the project’s scope. When it comes to countertops, fabrication and installation are the top priorities for certified fabricators and installers. To ensure you get a proper quote, the service provider selected will need to know a number of things. These include a sketch of the project, type of worktop, selected color, desired thickness, and length and width of the surface. The work will also include wall cladding, splashback, sink cutouts, end panels and other vital components. There are also many add-ons that may increase the quote but will help bring your vision to life. These may include support rails, window sills, additional cutouts, chopping boards, pan rests and hob bars. 

When choosing Corian countertops, you know you are getting a durable, quality product that has been a go-to for decades. To maximize the benefits and minimize the cost, careful planning is needed prior to getting a quote.