Enjoy the durability of natural stone, with the low-maintenance and versatile customization of quartz.


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Ready for a brand new kitchen counter or island?
Look no further than the many benefits offered by beautiful, sturdy quartz!

With more than 3o years experience, Bisley Fabrication is an expert in all things quartz fabrication. No matter what style, cut, shape or size you're looking for, our team of experienced professionals can bring it to life. 


What is Quartz?

Quartz is made from combining at least 90% quartz with up to 10% resins, polymers and pigments. As they are an engineered stone, quartz is perfect for a wide variety of custom applications such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, restaurant bars, desks and office spaces, islands and more. You can also personalize the shade of the stone through color enhancements, perfect for your individual style and needs.

Why Choose Quartz?

Similar to solid surfaces, quartz offers customers a wide variety of customization possibilities, boasting the beauty of natural stone. Quartz countertops, for example, provide customers the same durability of granite, without the need for sealing (so no worrying about stains!). Quartz also won't crack or chip easily, able to stand up to daily wear with ease. This material also features a more modern, contemporary look - ideal for residential or commercial projects looking to stand out as dynamic and innovative. 

Our Quartz Fabrication Services

Though fabrication, we transform a stunning slab of quartz into a the ideal shape and size for your project. The first step is to sit down with you to set all the necessarily design elements - including adding special edges and or cuts, customized to your project.

Our fabrication process is as follows:

  • Layout Design - choose your slab from one of our trusted product partners (listed above) and we'll apply the chosen measurements for your cut.
  • Cutting - Our experts use their well-honed skills to cut the quartz exactly to specifications.
  • Finishing - During this step we ensure that all edges and details are correct.
  • Polishing - Time to give your quartz the shine it needs to make your project complete!

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