What To Do if Your Corian Counter Cracks

Purchasing Corian countertops is no small investment, so it is understandable when homeowners panic if their countertop cracks or chips. For solid surfaces, there is no need to fret when they break. This is why this type of countertop sells so well.

Steer Clear of Do It Yourself

Though you may be tempted to attempt fixing your Corian countertops on your own, it is best to leave this repair to the professionals. For problems bigger than a tiny scratch or stain, DIY is not a good option. Though the fixes sold at the hardware store can fill a gap in the countertop, the result will not be aesthetically pleasing. Even when the DIY appears to work at first glance, eventually it will likely begin to look discolored. To avoid destroying your lovely countertops, try contacting an expert to make the repair for you.

Find a Qualified Professional

For large chips, cracks or stains to your Corian countertops, reach out to an experienced local craftsman for assistance. Do not exacerbate the problem by attempting a DIY with your beautiful countertops. Unless you want to wind up replacing the countertops altogether, hire someone to complete the repair.

Care for the Countertops Properly

Cleaners found at most retail locations can be utilized to care for a solid surface countertop. Soapy water and ammonia-based cleaners do a good job removing most dirt and grime from these countertops. Stains often call for abrasive cleaners. Be sure to scrub in a circular motion. Remember to dry the surface after cleaning for best results. Corian that is not dried can develop a filmy residue. These streaks can appear as scratches but can be easily removed using an abrasive cleaner. Be sure to scrub in a circular motion.

The positive news here is that even if you damage your beloved countertops, there are experts who can fix restore them to their former glory.