Why You Should Consider Quartz Over Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen


In the world of kitchen countertops, granite is heading out and quartz is moving in.  Professional manufacturers, installers, and designers agree that quartz is simply a cut above granite. So what exactly do quartz kitchen countertops have over granite? 

Better Look and Feel

Quartz tends to win out over granite in both the look and feel departments. Manufacturers make quartz countertops by combining quartz, pigment, polymers, and resin. Because they are engineered, quartz countertops come in a greater variety of looks and colors, including some not commonly found in nature. Quartz works especially great if you want a more modern look. You can also customize the shade and color of quartz, unlike granite. Quartz is generally stronger than granite too, so it holds up better to daily use.

Lower Price

You would think that its greater durability and variety would make quartz more expensive than granite but that is not the case. Since quartz is fabricated and does not have to be harvested in one giant piece, it is usually more affordable in most circumstances. True, the cheapest of granites may cost slightly less than the cheapest of quartz kitchen countertops, but when it comes to the high-end ones quartz beats out granite almost every time. 

Easier Upkeep

Quartz is a non-porous material so it does not have to be sealed every year as granite does. Its non-porous quality also makes it a healthier option because there is no place for bacteria and mold to hide like there is in granite. It is more resistant to staining, chipping, and cracking than granite too, which means far fewer repairs and replacements. Quartz is also super easy and inexpensive to clean. Simply use a dish or hand soap mixed with water or a specially made quartz cleaner to wipe them clean each day, and be sure to clean up any spills and messes right away.

Quartz is easier to care for, generally more affordable, stronger, and available in a greater variety than granite. These reasons make it clear why quartz kitchen countertops edge out granite ones nearly every time.