Upgrade Your Bathroom With Durable Solid Surfaces

Your bathroom needs to be designed with durability and moisture resistance in mind. Picking the right solid surfaces for your bathroom can give you a way to have a more functional space. Here are some ideas for how you can upgrade your bathroom with more practical surfaces that help resist mold, mildew and other types of deterioration.

Granite or Stone

Granite is a popular choice for solid surfaces in a bathroom. Other natural stone surfaces that could work in a bathroom are marble, limestone or sandstone. Professional bathroom remodelers can add natural stone to a bathroom countertop, floor or shower enclosure to help revamp the look and function.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is another common option for bathrooms that offers durability and practicality. Ceramic tile is more affordable than natural stone and may also be easier to maintain over time. Tiles can be cut large or small and give you more options for your layout and design.

Mold Resistant Paint

If you want to stick with paint in your bathroom’s shower and tub enclosure, you’ll have to ask your bathroom contractor about specific brands that offer moisture resistance. With paint, you can get a variety of color options and design choices that match your preferred bathroom style.

Composite Surfaces

Bathrooms can also be designed with cost-effective composite surfaces. New technologies have led to the development of man-made surfaces that can be used throughout a bathroom and keep moisture damage away. Contractors can give you the best selection of different types of cabinetry, tiles, flooring and tub and shower enclosures that use these high-tech composite materials.   

Finding solid surfaces that look great, repel moisture and keep bacteria from developing in your bathroom may be a challenge but there is a lot of payoff. The right solid surface and design can keep your bathroom fresh and functional for years.