How The Kitchen Countertop Fabrication Process Works

A sleek, new countertop may be the finishing touch on a complete kitchen makeover or the single change you need to update your kitchen. Either way, countertops are the centerpieces of the kitchen and it’s extremely important that they are well installed so that they last. Countertop fabrication is a technical process that requires precision as well as specialized tools and techniques, so a professional is often needed to ensure that your kitchen gets the best installation job possible.

Choosing The Countertop

The first step of achieving a stylish, new countertop is to pick a material that fits your dream kitchen. Countertops are available in a variety of natural stones such as granite, limestone, quartzite, and marble. Other great options include ceramics or recycled glass, the latter of which gives kitchens a fresh and modern twist. Each slab of material will have different details and characteristics due to the nature of the material, which adds to the uniqueness and authenticity of your countertops. It’s best to have a specialist assess the slab for any weak spots or imperfections.

Laying Out The Slabs

Once your selected pieces have been inspected for flaws, it’s time to determine the placement and direction of the slabs in regards to the colors and lighting of the room. Choose a layout that flatters the natural highlights and lowlights of the stone so that your countertop can be admired and appreciated.

Fitting and Fabricating

The last steps of the countertop fabrication process involve cutting the stone to fit the template using a bridge saw or water jet. These technical tools are best handled by professionals who can ensure the quality and standards of your slabs are not compromised. Once cut, a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine and vacuum lifting system are used to trim holes and details into the slabs before they can be polished, sealed and installed. Going through a service like Stoneworks Inc will help ensure that your countertops are fabricated to professional standards and will last a lifetime.