Express Your Creativity With the Colors of Corian

Corian is a versatile, acrylic material that you can use for kitchen countertops, sinks and more. It has such a range of applications, but a Corian countertop can be an elegant and beautiful decision for your kitchen. It is a material that provides durability, strength and easy maintenance. Here is what you need to know about the coloring and creative options with Corian.

Color Options

There are so many ranges of color to choose from. When it comes to Corian, you even have a range of sizes, because it can be bonded together. You can choose from dark colors, such as black with sparkle or flecks of lighter colors. In addition, there are rock collections that mimic the look of natural rock. You can have counters that appear like granite. If those don’t suit your creativity there are white and translucent options.

Color Limitations

When it comes to Corian collections that resemble rock formations, they look beautiful but do have limitations when it comes to the sizing. Due to the veined patterns, when you join Corian, it may be obvious where you had to join the material.

While dark materials are also common and beloved, they are not always best for areas where you are going to see heavy use. In addition to dark coloring, Corian comes in translucent colors also. This offers the benefit of a unique lighting effect. The only problem is that it isn’t the best as a kitchen worktop. When used as a kitchen counter, you may be able to see the support beneath it. If your Corian countertop winds up damaged by heat, the color will turn white or crack.

For all of these reasons, some people choose white over any other color. This is not only a more affordable color, but it also tends to have a seamless finish and looks elegant in almost every kitchen. Corian can be a beautiful and unique material to use for kitchen counters.