Why Choose Corian Countertops

In choosing the perfect kitchen worktop, the different options for materials may be intimidating at first. One material that you may want to consider for your countertops is Corian. Corian is a manufactured solid surface material. This versatile material often ranks above natural stone like granite or quartz. Here is what you need to know about a Corian countertop.

Environmentally Friendly

Is a small carbon footprint important to you? If you want to make sure that you’re being as environmentally friendly as possible with your remodel, then you may want to consider Corian countertops. The materials can be recycled if you plan to change your counters in the future. In addition, if the kitchen countertops suffer any damages, you can easily have them repaired.

Clean and Hygienic

The best surfaces for your kitchen are non-porous. Porous materials allow bacteria to sink into the material. With a non-porous countertop like Corian, bacteria and mold won’t grow within the material. It is also extremely easy to clean.


Some materials may give off different gasses. These materials cannot be used in sensitive areas, particularly in hospitals. A Corian countertop is non-toxic and unreactive. You can use it in a number of different sensitive applications.

Heat Resistant

Heat resistance is important when it comes to your kitchen countertops. Have you ever put a hot pot or pan on a counter, only to remove it to a scorch mark? When you choose Corian, this won’t be a worry anymore. It is a heat-resistant material and even if you do use a material hot enough to leave a mark, it is simple to repair.

When it comes to countertop choices, it helps to have a heat-resistant, clean and environmentally friendly material to create your worktops. A Corian countertop is beautiful and rivals any natural stone that you may choose. For many, this is enough of a reason to choose Corian.