The Ultimate Engineered Quartz Countertop Guide

Engineered quartz countertops have become popular for residential and commercial countertops from kitchens to baths to entertainment areas. The sparkling tough countertops are easy to clean making them a fan favorite. Here’s everything you wanted to know about these beautiful stone countertops.


Because quartz is a stone and occurs naturally, the countertops are unique. The process of engineering takes these unique stones from the quarry and mixes them with around 5% polymer resins. That makes each countertop different from the next. You can have a one-of-a-kind countertop to show off your style.


The kitchen makes an obvious choice to place the quartz countertops. Because the countertops are hard and scratch-resistant, they work exceedingly well in the rigors of the kitchen. The beautiful appeal works with any style. Many people include these in their bathrooms because of their uniqueness and durability.


Engineered quartz is cheaper than the simple natural stone. Keep in mind that the quartz has a base price depending on the location you purchase it from. You can search at a local quarry, countertop store or online. Like other countertops, quartz is one you want to have installed by professionals. The last thing you want after saving money on the initial countertop is to break it. Professionals understand how to cut and install the countertops correctly with no liability on you.


Another reason these countertops are so popular is the versatility in design. The engineered stone can have the color altered or a pattern put into the look of the counters. Add texture to create a truly unique look. Change the color to match the motif or design in the room you install it. By purchasing engineered quartz, you have greater flexibility in options.

When looking for engineered quartz countertops, keep in mind the final look you want to achieve. Prices fluctuate so keep an eye both online and in local markets during different seasons to hunt down the best price.