How To Plan for New Countertops


Other than cabinetry, the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom can pull the whole room together. If you are considering upgrading to solid surface countertops, it is important to plan so that you make a choice with which you will be satisfied. Keep the following variables in mind.

You want to make sure the countertops you buy fit correctly. You get the most precise measurements after the cabinets, sink and appliances have all been installed. To play it especially safe, leave the measurements up to the professionals who are installing the countertops. Their expertise ensures the end product will fit in the space.

Function is just as vital as fit. You may think certain materials make beautiful countertops, but that doesn’t mean they’re appropriate for your kitchen. Choose solid surface countertops that are both heat and stain resistant for the kitchen. In the bathroom, your countertops need to be water resistant as well. This minimizes the risk of damage and discoloration, resulting in a surface that lasts longer.

A material such as marble is beautiful, but it is also porous, leaving it vulnerable in its natural state. A protective finish gives you a greater range of choice for countertops by enhancing the resistant properties of whatever material you select. A good finish makes your countertops look nice longer.

How your countertops change the look of your kitchen is not a factor to ignore. It’s smart to choose patterns and colors that fit the overall design of your kitchen or bathroom. Take your cabinets, appliances, fixtures and backsplash into consideration when deciding on the appearance of your countertops.

Installing new solid surface countertops can be a relatively easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Consult with the professionals who are installing them to make sure everything from the measurements to design are exactly what you want.